Birth Date:18 January 1995

Birth Place:Barcelona




Preferred Foot:Left

At AC Milan since:2017

Samuel Castillejo Azuaga, better known as Samu, was born in Barcelona in January 1995. After playing for youth teams in smaller teams, at the age of 12, Malaga observers noticed the Andalusian player, who took just 2 years to debut in the maximum division in the 3-0 match lost to Valencia. Under the guidance of the expert Rudi Garcia, Samu managed to carve out good playing time in the starting eleven by serving several winning assists to his teammates.

The following year he accepts to join Villarreal, and over the next 3 years, he consecrated himself totalling excellent performances and more than 100 games with the Yellow Submarines. His speed and tactical adaptability convinced the Rossonero leadership, who signed him in the summer of 2018.

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